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Hadley Dyer, author & editor: "My mood is often fickle."

Have you ever stolen a book? Why/when/where? I have a stack of stolen books. They all belong to friends, which friends I don't know. I will tell people as they press a book into my hands that they shouldn't do this, that they will never see it again. I will forget who it belongs to, the bookmark or sticky note with their name on it will be lost. They do not believe me. Please, if I have your book, come collect it. Which fictional character do you wish was your best friend? Fezzik from William Goldman's The Princess Bride would be handy to have around as I often can't reach things and struggle with jar lids, and who wants to walk when you could be carried? Plus, he's cheerful and uncomplaining, which would do me good. Writers tend to be neither when they're neck-deep in a project. Which words or phrases do you most overuse? "I've probably told this story before, but…" (Note that the risk of repeating myself never stops me.) When you’re reading for “pleasure”, are you holding the blue pencil?

(Part B: Do you ever read for pleasure?)

(Part B) Yes, although because reading has been such a big part of my day jobs, I'm very self-indulgent when it comes to reading purely for pleasure. I won't pick up or finish something that doesn't perfectly suit my mood, and my mood is often fickle.)

(Part A) Almost always. I find it difficult to resist taking apart a piece of writing as I'm reading it, which makes me not just a self-indulgent reader but a slow one. Fortunately, I'm a terrible copyeditor, so at least I'm not getting distracted by spelling and grammar, just the 157 other things that make up a piece of writing. Would you rather have good reviews or good sales? (“both” is not an acceptable answer) And why? I used to think the former, but now I'd have to say the latter because I've reached the age where financial security is a priority. I'll go back to worrying about my literary legacy if I marry an anesthesiologist.

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