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insights to outcomes
Lea Beddia square headshot.jpg
Teacher Lea Beddia explains why Hi-Lo is the way to go...
Carol-Ann Hoyte tells how to inspire kids to write poetry
MJ w Dead Man.jpeg

Marthe Jocelyn shares a secret to writing mysteries
Gordon Korman.jpg
Gordon Korman shares the question he's been asked most often.
Sharon Jennings talks about what comes first; plot or character?
Lindsay Ruck.jpg
Lindsay Ruck shares the Best Writing Advice she ever got
holocaust jacket.jpg
Larry Swartz: Children's literature and teaching about the Holocaust
10 in a circle.jpg
Teresa Toten talks about Top 10 Writing Tips
TEACH ARTICLE_OutsidetheGates_Kacer_Hist
Kathy Kacer offers advice on writing historical fiction.
Thao Lam shares the most difficult thing about writing and illustrating a picture book.
Vicki G headshot.png
Vicki Grant shares the Best Writing Advice she ever got
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