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Teresa Toten, author, co-founder of BookFlap: "Oh F$#K..."

What was the first book you bought with your own money? Trixie Belden The Red Trailer Mystery She was a tomboy as opposed to the elegant Nancy Drew. What book changed the way you look at the world? Cormac McCarthy The Road What book did you love as a kid that you realize now was “of its time” and would not be published today? Would the Narnia series be published today with all that religious imagery? Choose three adjectives to describe yourself. Passionate, empathetic, anxious Which fictional character do you wish was your best friend? Winnie Foster in Tuck Everlasting What was your first book-related job? Writing the damn thing. Of all the authors or illustrators you’ve ever met, who were you most impressed with? Jane Yolan Where would you most like to go to research your next book? Croatia Which words or phrases do you most overuse? You probably shouldn’t print it, but it’s “Oh F$#K,” to be honest. What is a book you wish you’d written? David Almond’s Skellig

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